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Skipper's log: Jacques-Arnaud Seyrig, co-skipper, Espirit Scout (Class40)

Skipper's log: Jacques-Arnaud Seyrig, co-skipper, Espirit Scout (Class40)


After 5/7 hours without wind yesterday morning, we got 8 to 15 knots of south-easterly wind in the middle of the afternoon, and that stayed all night; weak this morning; but it seems to be starting again right now.

6 knots of south-easter wind; small swell; sea state ​​a little agitated; cumulus and the sun's a little less hot. Squall with a lot of wind yesterday at the end of the day, very visible on our radar; hence the squall watch tonight on the radar; small squall this morning, at sunrise, not visible on the radar...Rainwater in the mainsail with 1 reef, to take a shower. We are at 6° of latitude with Richard Silvani's weather report saying the Doldrums are at 5°; we hope to get through as quickly as possible.

A few dolphins yesterday, small, one doing some great flying out of the water! Nice race between Eärendil and Gustave Roussy; a soft spot for Gustave Roussy, for solidarity in our Class40 boat architect and for medical solidarity!

Have a good day.


Jacques Arnaud.