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Rescue in progress for Drekan Groupe

Rescue in progress for Drekan Groupe

MRCC Punta Delgada (Azores) and MRCC Lisbon have been coordinating the rescue operations since Drekan Groupe capsized 300 miles west of the island of San Miguel in the Azores archipelago last night.


At midnight, a Dutch cargo ship, BEAUTRITON was diverted to the position the 50ft trimaran had given. As soon as they arrived on the scene, the captain of the cargo ship made contact with the two skippers, and agreed to wait until daybreak before attempting an evacuation, given the heavy weather conditions (4m waves and 25 knots of north- easterly wind).

At 06:56 UTC, Eric Defert, skipper of Drekan Groupe, contacted the race office to say that the cargo ship would try to put a life raft in the water to pick them up, at daybreak. The two skippers had put on their survival suits and declared themselves fit and well.

The MRCC also told the race office that a Portuguese Navy patrol boat had left the Azores in order to arrive at area this afternoon.