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Making the cut

Making the cut

The Transat Jacques Vabre is a race, but for the rookie amateur boats just arriving is the most important thing. In the race with themselves, perhaps the most important date is the official closing of the finish line.

After their two and half day pit-stop in the Canaries to repair the delaminated flank of their 2009 Marc Lombard-Akilaria RC2 40ft monohull, Marc Dubos and Jacques-Arnaud Seyrig on Esprit Scout have been racing against the clock to finish their first Transat Jacques Vabre.

The 55-year-old Dubos and 63-year-old Seyrig, from Bordeuax made themselves a promise, to play in the big leagues and they are managing that in this 13th edition of the Route du Café. Arriving in Salvador will be sweet, but after sailing 4,500 miles arriving before the race office officially closes the finish line will be infinitely sweeter.

Thanks to what looks like being a relatively quick Doldrums, the routing suggests Esprit Scout will cross the finish line at 21:00 UTC on Friday, December 1, just before it officially closes on December 2 at 23:19:15 UTC.

The happy voice of Dubos this morning on the daily interview session clearly indicated that Esprit Scout should indeed exit the Doldrums today. Already sailing upwind in a light south-easterly wind, the Class40 lantern rouge should soon accelerate.

But with 1,340 miles to go they cannot anything else to go wrong. “I don’t know if it's going to be easy - there are always little things that can happen off Brazil,” Dubos said. “We haven’t worked out our ETA in relation to the closing of the line, we won’t be able to relax until we’ve crossed it.”

Meanwhile, at 16:00 UTC 50 miles from Salvador de Bahia, Gustave Roussy is holding its lead ahead of Eärendil and Gras Savoye Berger Simon Obportus. These three boats are racing under spinnaker and averaging around 11 on a direct route to the line. Gustave Roussy is expected to arrive in the Bay of All Saints before midnight. Mussulo 40 Team Angola Cables, has just arrived off the coast of Recife and should reach Salvador de Bahia on the morning of Monday, November 27.


Saturday, November 25

Gustave Roussy 21:30

Sunday, November 26

Eärendil 03:00

Gras Savoye 11:30

Monday, November 27

Mussulo 40 Team Angola 13:00

Friday, December 1

Esprit Scout 21:00



Région Normandie Junior Senior by Evernex, fifth place in the Class40 have been given a one-hour penalty by the judges because of a broken seal on their 20-litre water tank.

Adjusted race time: 18 days, 03 hours 57 minutes and 41 seconds

Le Lion d’Or, seventh place in the Class40, has been given a three-hour penalty for broken seals: one hour for the 20-litre water tank, two hours for engine (3 days ago)

Adjusted race time: 19 days, 04 hours 00 minutes and 04 seconds

The finishing positions of both boats were not affected.