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Pontoon debrief: Massimo Juris and Pietro Luciani (Colombre XL)

Pontoon debrief: Massimo Juris and Pietro Luciani (Colombre XL)

The first amateurs home in the Class40 on their 2011 Pogo 40 S2 Finot Conq-designed boat, Colombre XL, Massimo Juris and Pietro Luciani should be very satisfied with their performance with their first Transat Jacques Vabre.

Massimo Juris, skipper of Colombre XL (Class40)

“We’re very happy to have finished. This is our first Transat, so we chose the longest one. I must say that the conditions were very favorable, the exit of the Channel was very easy. We had some problems, tactical especially, but not technical ones. In the Doldrums, we reduced the gap to 40 miles behind TeamWork40 and Région Normandie (Junior Senior by Evernex). But finished with 300 miles. At the exit (of the Doldrums) in contrast to them, we were in a windless hole, in the storm and they had already got away and that was that. In the descent (down the Atlantic), we had the Class40 racing experience, weren’t surprised, it wasn’t too difficult. The shifts around Ushant on the other hand…it was really tough. We were well prepared. But it's amazing how the wind swings in a minute; you go from 35-knot southwesterlies to 40-knot northwesterlies. But it was really a good race.”

Pietro Luciani, co-skipper of Colombre XL (Class40)

“What I am going to remember is that it’s a long race. The problems you have at the start can get bigger and more annoying over the whole race. A small loss of focus can cost you a lot for the whole race; that’s the big difference compared to a regatta.”


“We lost our medium spinnaker a little too early, on the third day. A sheet broke loose and tore the spinnaker. The next two days, it was medium spinnaker wind, so it was a little hard to keep up. We repaired it three times.

We also had a little trouble in Barfleur, we hooked a fishing net (on the keel). And then when we arrived in Brazil we were happy to pass the fishing boats; one, two but finally we caught on their line and we had to dive.”


“We had prepared to dive in Barfleur, but fortunately it wasn’t necessary. I told myself that it's better to dive here than in Barfleur! “


“We found our rhythm. Pietro works all the time, he never stops; me? I watch and do the navigation, it's good to share!”

"We’re very happy to be here in Brazil, that’s more important to us than the rankings. I didn’t think we’d finish 6th. At the same time, in the other Class40 races, we always placed well. In the Sables-Horta race we were 6th with the same boat, and the same in the Normandy Chanel Race with 30 boats, we're probably the first non-professional crew here in Bahia, that's good.”