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Skipper's log: Alex Thomson (Britain), Hugo Boss (IMOCA)

Skipper's log: Alex Thomson (Britain), Hugo Boss (IMOCA)

(Q. How has the sail repair gone?)

Still going, mate, still going. 

(Is it a long term project before you need it?)

About 30 hours we reckon.

(What are you facing at the moment?)

We’ve got about 20-23 knots from south-south-west.

(You said yesterday you were happy, how’s it looking this morning? Does it look different to you?)

Yes, the routing doesn’t look very good now; it looks terrible actually, but with regard to what we’re trying to do, things are going very well really, couldn’t be happier. 

(Is that to test the boat so you understand it in different conditions?)

Yes, it’s our first proper offshore, really, and it gives us a chance to understand how the boat responds, understand how to make the boat go; so we’re gettting a good test, we’re very happy. 

(It’s been a tough start, have you managed to catch up on any sleep or it just action stations still?)

It’s not too bad really. The first 24 were pretty harsh, maybe 36, but, you know, that’s normal. But we’re pretty well rested, in good shape, just any spare time is being taken up banging needles through what feels like concrete. 

(Any clue from the damage what happened to the sail?)

No, not really, we’d have to speak to the sailmakers, but it shouldn’t’ve happened that’s for sure.

(How are things with Neal?)

Yes, he’s good. He’s having a kip at the moment. We’re both in good shape, we’ve both learning lots and enjoyingi it. It’s a bit of a shame that this western option doesn’t look very nice anymore, but c’est la vie. I’m glad we’ve got our own little group to play with. We’re on good form and enjoying ourselves. 

(Has it become about battling with that group in the west, or do think there could be a shift that will bring you back to the leaders?)

Yesterday, it didn’t look too bad to be able to get through the ridge, but now it doesn’t look quite so positive, but it’s not our focus, our focus is to get to the finsish and to try and learn as much as we can. Everything is still working on board pretty much, so we are in fine fettle. 

(How you going to divide up watching the rugby, Alex?)

(Laughs) I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it. I guess I might go on the BBC sport website, there aren’t many other options on here. I’m looking forward to that, and I watched the final of the last one that we won in 2003, in Salvador, so it brings good memories.  (England won the 2003 rugby world cup)

(How will split up watching it with Neal?)

I don’t know, probably one of us will be banging in needles, the only problem is we’re broken quite a few, so we’ve only got three needles left.