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Skiipper's log: Miranda Merron (Britain), Campagne de France (IMOCA)

Skiipper's log: Miranda Merron (Britain), Campagne de France (IMOCA)

Grey sky and darker grey sea yesterday, and another utterly black night. I
can't tell whether it's just damp fog or whether it's drizzling. It doesn't
sound very appealing, but it's not bad at all - nice flattish sea on which
to reach southwards and it's not cold. However, the wind has gone a bit
loopy these past few hours, ranging from 6 - 14 knots without warning, and
shifting up to 30 degrees. As it's so dark, it's difficult to know what's

There is one ex-flying fish on deck. It is different from its tropical
cousins, being black, blue and white, but it definitely has wings. I don't
know whether it's edible.

Beneath the ocean surface lies a fascinating world. Right now we are
sailing past the Gettysburg Seamount which rises up from a depth of 5000
metres to within just 50 metres below the surface.

Miranda/ Campagne de France