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Skipper's log: Kite de Pavant (France), Made in Midi (Class40)

Skipper's log: Kite de Pavant (France), Made in Midi (Class40)

300% black

Oh no! We’ve not tacked this morning, and not at all over the last 24 hours. But saying that we’re going straight would be a bit of stretch. The night was very dark (and the day not much better....). Only the red screens of the electronic controls, which show loads of bizarre numbers in a constant scroll, cast a little light in this world of darkness. There are also the millions of sparkling plankton illuminating the passage of the hull in the black water. Along with this darkness, there is the deafening and incessant noise of our proud craft - not impressed at all by the surroundings – forcing itself through the waves. As well as the unbearable grinding of the hinge of the hydro-generator. But human genius having invented WD40, the damn squeak has finally disappeared and makes us doubt now that Hydro is still hanging onto the transom.

And as a miracle never comes alone, would you believe it?! The sky reappeared, with all of its stars (I re-counted them) but without the moon.

But it didn’t last.

See you tomorrow