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Skipper log's: Sam Goodschild - Leyton (Class40)

Skipper log's: Sam Goodschild - Leyton (Class40)


Day 12 and not much news for a while as we've mostly been underwater. The

4 days downwind from the caneries to the doldrums were pretty full on.

These boats get wet pretty quick ploughing into the back of waves and as the living area is so small it doesnt take long for everyhting to get wet.

This means we quickly go from fully dressed and on the helm into the bunk, the only dry place on the boat. Spending the minimum time looking at nav and eating inbetween.

TThe trip down went fairly well for us, we strugled keeeping up with credit mutuel, who got west early and then were really quick in the seastate. they even broke the 24H record in the process. So we were fairly relieved to stop loosing miies when we got to the cape verdes.

Were now in the doldrums for the 2nd night. we've had our fair share of squall clouds, rain and then drifting. the gap in credit mutuel is down to

50 odd miles and who gets into the soutern hemisphere trade winds first and when will dictate if the gap stays or grows.

Yestterday was, just our second day of the race withhout having wteron the deck, so between the rain clouds we finally got to rnjoy drying out an wearing short!

The rest of the race to the finish looks relatively simple on paper but we'll be pushing hard to close the gap. You never know where a break could come from so,we're going to be ready to take any opportunities.

All for sam now on leyton!