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Louis Duc (France) - Crosscall Chamonix Mont Blanc

Louis Duc (France) - Crosscall Chamonix Mont Blanc

With the wind swinging around, we’re playing with the settings of the boat to try keep the speed up, we’re fighting for it!. We were a bit conservative in our choices. We didn’t want to go west with our eyes closed. Our choices change according to the weather. It is the anticyclone that is going determine the progress between those who opted for the western trajectory and us.

On board, it’s been awesome since the beginning with Aurélien. We work like two solo skippers, both of us are there for all the weather files. We take it in turns every three hours.

We can’t wait until tomorrow night, it should start to open up. We build these boats for reaching and upwind, but we’ve only had upwind so far!

In terms of the temperature, we’re already in T-shirts, the pressure is 1024, but it’s humid.

The wind is coming in, we’re going to put in some ballast!