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Sam Davies (Britain) -  Initiatives-Cœur (IMOCA)

Sam Davies (Britain) - Initiatives-Cœur (IMOCA)

It's great! We’ve got 18 knots of wind, we’re under code 0. Now we’re bombing, we were a little overcharged so we just turned into the wind a little!

We’re making  around 22 knots. We have our code 0 and J3.

We have an incredible autopilot fortunately. The autopilot it works so well, it accelerates the boat. The trade winds are not reliable at all, but that’s normal. What’s good is that there is some wind, but it varies a lot in strength and in direction. But that way we don’t get bored.

We are two skippers more used to solo sailing, so it's an advantage to take turns and not to be too tired. Normally, we are alone on deck, the other eats, sleeps or does the weather. Now, he (Paul) is just taking a shower.

Regarding the Doldrums, we will look at the info pretty carefully; we know we will be there in around 2 days but it depends on where it is precisely. We are looking at the forecasts for a point of entry. It's still a little early!