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A strong and diverse international class

Conceived in 2004 as a category to encourage greater access to ocean racing, the Class40 was taken up with exceptional enthusiasm in 2006, barely ten months after the writing of the measurement rule. To date, nearly 160 boats have left the boatyard, designed by a range of international architects. This class is based on simple rules, where technological changes are constrained for financial reasons, but where the search for developments in the shape of the hull is open and therefore extremely varied.

class40 - The skippers


Seventeen nations are represented and more than 20 architects from around the world have worked on different boats to find the best compromises within this “box rule”, where the length cannot exceed 12.19 metres, the beam 4.50 metres, the hull draught 3.00 meters, the weight 4,500kg and the upwind sail area 115 m2. In 15 years, the Class40 has evolved well: the spirit remains as convivial as ever and its members are showing an increasingly engaged approach.

Combining skippers from all walks of life: Figaro, IMOCA, Mini 6.50, but also enlightened enthusiasts, the Class40 has become an essential part of offshore racing, allowing a wider range of people to have access to great sailing careers and others to achieve their offshore dreams.

Its diversity is reflected in its international list, its pro-am mission and its female teams. It has a long race calendar and includes all the prestigious French or foreign transoceanic races.

  • Technical features:

    Maximum length: 12.19m (40 feet)
    Maximum beam: 4.50m
    Maximum hull draught: 3.00m
    Air draught: 19.00m
    Displacement: 4,500kg
    Maximum ballast: 1,500 litres
    Maximum upwind sail area: 115m2

  • Visuel Classe

Maximum of three appendages, fixed keels, carbon is forbidden in the hulls, fixed carbon masts, maximum of eight sails.