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02 December 2017 - 14h00

The seven forms of Transat Jacques Vabre duo

It takes all sorts to make a partnership work 

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26 November 2017 - 22h57

Pontoon debrief: Massimo Juris and Pietro Luciani (Colombre XL)

The first amateurs home in the Class40 on their 2011 Pogo 40 S2 Finot Conq-designed boat, Colombre XL, Massimo Juris and Pietro Luciani should be very satisfied with their performance with their first Transat Jacques Vabre.

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26 November 2017 - 21h34

The review of the 13th edition of the 2017 Transat Jacques Vabre: Four record-breaking fleets

As they counted down to the start in Le Havre, all the skippers said the 13th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre would be fast and furious - they were right. The four fleets saw twists and turns and fierce competition all the way to the line, with nothing decided until the final day, and in the case of an incredible three-way battle in the Class40, the final hour. Records were broken, and some boats too, but those that could be were fixed in pit stops and 31 of the 37 boats that left Le Havre in Normandy France arrived safely in the Bay of All Saints. Salvador de Bahia, the finish for the first time since 2007, welcomed them all home with customary warmth and style.

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26 November 2017 - 17h33

And then there were two

The arrival of the Class40 Gras Savoye Berger Simon Obportus this morning in tenth position, left only two duos still racing. The Brazilians on Mussulo 40 Team Angola Cables have 180 miles before arriving home tomorrow morning. Two  skippers have a hero’s welcome waiting for them.

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26 November 2017 - 12h42

Gras Savoye Berger Simon Obportus finishes tenth in Transat Jacques Vabre Class40

26 November 2017 - 09h31

Eärendil finishes ninth in Transat Jacques Vabre Class40

25 November 2017 - 23h35

Gustave Roussy finishes eighth in Transat Jacques Vabre Class40

25 November 2017 - 20h02

The Four Podiums

All four podiums and the new race records for the Transat Jacque Vabre

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25 November 2017 - 17h54

Making the cut

The Transat Jacques Vabre is a race, but for the rookie amateur boats just arriving is the most important thing. In the race with themselves, perhaps the most important date is the official closing of the finish line.

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25 November 2017 - 16h39

Skipper's log: Jacques-Arnaud Seyrig, co-skipper, Espirit Scout (Class40)

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4 races, 4 double handed winners

A strong and diverse international class

Conceived in 2004 as a category to encourage greater access to ocean racing, the Class40 was taken up with exceptional enthusiasm in 2006, barely ten months after the writing of the measurement rule. To date, nearly 150 boats have left the boatyard,…

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Multi50: an exciting class

The Multi50 class is changing. With professionalisation of the teams and more modern design of the boats, the class turned a corner in 2016. Increasingly attractive for skippers and their sponsors, the Multi50 class has updated its measurement rule, which now allows…

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For the last 45 years, the greatest sailors in the world have been carving out incredible stories of human adventure, sailing around the world alone, non-stop and without assistance.

The IMOCA (International Monohull Open Class Association)…

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Composed of Actual, Banque Populaire, Macif and Sodebo – so far – the Collectif Ultim (the Ultime Collective) is an association of long-time offshore racing boat owners. It was created in 2013 around a project: to seek new challenges with new large multihulls and to share them with as many people as possible. 

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Behind the scenes of the race,

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Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe Félicitations à Francis Joyon - Trimaran IDEC et à François Gabart I Macif Course au Large pour cette très belle arrivée en Guadeloupe ! Et bon courage pour les participants des autres classes toujours en mer sur ce sprint final ...
Bon vent à tous les marins de la Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe !! Et merci à Class40 d’avoir servi du café Jacques Vabre à tous ses membres 😉
Ils ont pris le départ de la course, mais ont dû s'arrêter avant la fin. Tout notre respect à ces courageux marins ! Découvrez les portraits “avant” de...

En Class40 :
- Halvard Mabire et Miranda Merron, Campagne de France
[Portraits Avant/Après 📸]
Romain Attanasio et Aurélien Ducroz ont cloturé le classement des IMOCA en 2017 après 17 jours en mer... Mais ils seraient sans le moindre doute sur le podium de la camaraderie et de la bonne ambiance à ...
Transat Jacques Vabre - Retour sur l'édition 2017 Retour en images sur la 13e édition de la Transat Jacques Vabre. Un parcours transatlantique entre Le Havre et Salvador de Bahia qui a réuni : 37 bateaux, 4 classes, 4 vainqueurs !
👏 Well done! Spanish sailor Alex Pella set a new record for the #RouteduThé with the #Multi70 Maserati. They took exactly 36 days, 2 hours, 37 minutes. Congratulations Sir @apellavalette ! 💪😃 https://t.co/HQ5m1tb9uQ

24 years of races

In its 24 years of existence, the biannual Transat Jacques Vabre has managed to establish itself as the toughest and longest-running two-handed transat. The race is equally revered by the sailors and an enthralled public, reaffirming its relevance and the investment of its partners with each edition. The original concept is simple: the source of this great race is an historical route: the coffee route. It is an event with an expert mix of tastes, vintages, aromas and characters.