Thomas Ruyant et Morgan Lagravière (For People), vainqueurs dans la catégorie IMOCA
Best of arrivées 19 November 2023 - 12h35

First words from Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagravière (For People) on the pontoon

In July, we damaged our boat and weren’t sure whether we would be able to compete. It’s thanks to the team that we could and got here to Fort-de-France. It’s nice to see Sam (Goodchild) coming soon, fighting for second place. I could not have anyone better with me than Morgan.

We take part in these races for the emotional aspect, which is more important than the result itself. We do it for the pleasure and give it our all. There are many choices to make in a project like this. Many are taken by the team or by Morgan or by others. 

The Northern option? We had been looking at it, but no one felt like going up there as it was going to be hard. We preferred the South. The speeds are often under-estimated, but we were fast in the South. When Teamwork moved to the North, we thought we needed to watch them. At one point they were a day ahead of us. A good attempt from them and they may have been quicker than if they had gone south. Well done. It was great to see someone go for it.

There are 40 IMOCAs in the fleet so a great battle. There are battles at every level. I don’t want to go any other class, as it’s here that you see such a competition. I’ll continue to race on an IMOCA.

We didn’t have any major problems. Just a few minor things. 

Not all the new boats are the same in terms of difference in speed. Even if some are much faster. Having said that, my old boat is fighting hard for second place and will finish just 4-5 hours after us. Antoine Koch spent a lot of energy coming up with this boat. We sailed together and discussed things with him. He is a huge talent. Today, there are a lot of designers, which is a good thing.

It was intense throughout. You don’t win races like this without keeping at it. The whistling of the foil is painful. But the fact that it is hard is what attracts us. The Vendée Globe is a different race, even if I have a good boat and a good team. We don’t know what will happen in that race, but of course, it is a goal for us.  

I’m pleased my old boat is in Sam’s hands. We sailed a lot against each other as a team. That makes a lot of difference.