Martinique, triple recognition by UNESCO

One of the rare destinations in the Caribbean to be treated like this, Martinique benefits from three points of recognition by UNESCO, making it an exceptionally attractive place. This gives impetus to the development of an offer for tourists, a million of which visit the island each year (hikes, places to discover, learning about our skills and know-how, unique experiences…) and also offers an opportunity to discover the friendly local people on Martinique.

A real jewel in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean

Since September 2023, the volcano and forests on Mount Pelée and the Northern Pitons in Martinique, already awarded the title of “Exceptional Forest” have also benefitted from being registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is its exceptional assets and wide biological diversity that has been recognised in this way. An ideal environment to discover wild animals, and its unique marine and terrestrial plants, with 2/3 of the surface area of the island making up the Martinique Region Natural Park.

Globally recognised, the title of UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve was obtained by Martinique in September 2021, for the whole of its land and sea area. This is a strong lever for economic and social development, giving it access to world, Caribbean and national cooperation networks, in particular for its know-how, local produce and tourism. 

Finally, in December 2020, the Round Yole, the traditional form of sailing that is part of the DNA of the people of Martinique, joined the Unesco lists of intangible cultural heritage. This small wooden boat was originally used by fishermen from Martinique. Today, it has become a real sport, where the values of a fighting spirit, determination and the transfer of know-how contribute to bringing people together.

Three titles which are enriching, complementary and together create a force to help our island develop and become more attractive.

Enchanting, amazing and exceptional

You may visit to come to our dream beaches, but you will also find another paradise, new flavours, new sensations and new traditions … By the end of your trip, you will have found what you were looking for, a new family. Martinique will win you over with its contrasting colours, its rich historic and cultural heritage and the discovery of its well-preserved nature and magnificent landscapes.

For visitors looking for excitement, the range of mountains and landscapes on the island offers so many possibilities to go canyoning and hiking in the heart of the tropical forest. Martinique also attracts fans of sea sports with its clear waters.


Setting sail from the Le Marin marina, boating enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of boats that are available for hire to allow you to sail around the island of Martinique: you can discover the land from the sea and you will soon realise that Martinique brings together the whole of the Caribbean in just one island. That is why Le Marin is the largest marina in the Southern Caribbean with 830 mooring places on the quays and 100 mooring buoys.

For foodies, there is the opportunity to discover our traditional gastronomy as well as food resulting from all our cultural mixing. It fits in perfectly with the exceptional know-how you can only find on Martinique. The agricultural rums from Martinique are the only ones to benefit from the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) standard and stand out thanks to their production which is based exclusively on sugar cane juice. The registered name obtained in 1996 enabled the agricultural rums from Martinique to strengthen their high class reputation, and in so doing become a showcase for the heritage and identity of Martinique.

What can we say about our parties and celebrations? A carnival, the only one of its kind in the world is a popular and lively festive occasion. Then, there is the Bélé, an art form that brings together singing, music and dance. This is an invitation to dive into our traditions that you cannot refuse. Casting a seine net is the traditional form of fishing and everyone can take part. Lasotè is when everyone helps out in the fields to the sound of the drums and the ti bwa percussion… Our visitors can share all of these experiences with the locals from Martinique.


Martinique Loves You