Ian Lipinski et Antoine Carpentier (Crédit Mutuel)
Best of arrivées 23 November 2023 - 18h49

Ian Lipinski and Antoine Carpentier (Crédit Mutuel) second in the second leg in Class40

French duo Ian Lipinski and Antoine Carpentier (Crédit Mutuel) finished second in the second leg in Class40 when they crossed the finish line in Martinique at 1343hrs local time (1743hrs UTC) on Thursday 23rd November. Their race time was 19 days, 16 hours, 2 minutes and 36 seconds. They sailed the theoretical route at an average speed of 8.57 knots. Out on the water, they actually sailed 5305.48 miles averaging 11.24 knots

Although they dismasted on the first leg their aggregate elapsed time includes an allocated time equivalent to that of the last placed finisher on the first leg plus six hours. 

Lipinski, a double winner of the MiniTransat said, “When we dismasted we thought the TJV was over, but they told me there was a possibility. We sailed to make sure the mast would hold up. During the first day we kept it cool because we wanted to be sure. There was a huge amount of work from the team and the class. Finishing second here is a sort of thanks to all those who helped us. It wasn’t down to much.  After dismasting it probably led us to go south. I remember before on this race it got boring, but here it kept changing. It wasn’t boring. It wasn’t like it was normally. We didn’t understand what our rival was doing, unless the weather forecasts were wrong. As for the winners, they won the first and second leg. We couldn’t do anything against them.”